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Usage-Based Insurance(UBI) Design
The first UBI total solution in Taiwan, and the only one with dual hardware sensor (smartphone / OBD) with dual pricing model (PAYD/PHYD) and insurance calculation Application. By integrating the driving record, fuel price prediction service, we are the pioneer of InsurTech in Taiwan. Online insurance calculation and apply By the application, users can find the increase/decrease of the insurance fee instantly. Just one click to apply, saving time and money. Additional integration service ◆Vehicles data and diagnosis ◆Prompt message for a better and safer driver ◆Driver behavior analysis ◆Driving information ◆Precaution, prevention, and accident handling Other Advantages Hardware with multiple devices ◆Smartphone ◆OBD ◆Beacon Support dual pricing model ◆Pay As You Drive(PAYD) ◆Pay How You Drive(PHYD) Full insurance factors analysis ◆insurance factors ◆driving behavior factors ◆expansion factors Optimized profit-making trial mechanism ◆Insurance factors threshold suggestion system ◆Insurance discount trial calculation system
Next Generation Fleet Management and Risk Control System
According to driving data and patent algorithm model, provide prediction in advance, optimize driver behaviors immediately; and active management to prevent possible damage in vehicles and drivers to improve fleet operational performance. Active management Accurate data to revert driving behavior, bad behaviors are recorded in the database and actively reviewing the driving behavior. Prevent damage immediately The unique damage control mechanism is using to reduce the risk of an accident. Precaution Key data and smart prediction to find out the core issue and provides the overview report as reference policy for decision making.
KARDI OBD 2 Interpreter for Driving Behavior Analysis
Compatible with over 5,000 car models  Sends vehicle data to smartphones and automatically uploads to the cloud  Product features: real-time vehicle condition display, free daily DIY vehicle health check, complete driving records and statistics, driving behavior analysis, real-time fuel consumption records KARDI LiTE set including KARDI OBD 2 interpreter, KARDI LiTE APP and KARDI Cloud. KARDI OBD 2 interpreter is compatible with over 5,000 car models. When driving, OBD 2 interpreter will send vehicle's data to smartphone, and the date will automatically upload to cloud. It means drivers can not only check data on smartphone, but also on web (KARDI Cloud)   * Real-time vehicle condition display * Free DIY vehicle health check everyday * Complete driving record and statistics * Driving behavior analysis * Car location remind * Real-time fuel consumption/ fuel consumption record * One touch to KARDI Navigation * Usage based Insurance implementation



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【An application designer dedicated to automotive streaming data】
Trans-IoT is the re-investment of IOT/IOV business in 8 smart living scopes of Hon Hai/Foxconn, dedicated to driving data application and implementation. With the brilliant IOV, Big data and data-driven algorithms, it runs 1.7 billion vehicle data per year as the core concept of machine learning and calculation. Also, Trans-IoT develops more than 400 APIs modules for providing automakers, insurance companies and building core technology such as smart IOV system, digital insurance, and risk management.

Trans-IoT believes that accurate data can be the solution of the insight and drives the automobile industry to reach another level.


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